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Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions

Find answer to frequently asked questions below!
We only had 3 classes this month. Why did we pay the full tuition?

MJDA Dance Program tuition is a yearly charge. It is not calculated by how many classes are scheduled per month. You have the option to pay your tuition in full for the year or we can prorate the yearly tuition over the 10 month school year session. (August – May)

I paid the registration fee last school year. Do I need to pay the fee again?
Yes. This is a yearly fee for all new and returning students.
Does MJDA offer discounts?
Yes we do. 10% off when yearly tuition is paid in full at the start of a session. (Fall Session through Spring Session). We also offer 10% sibling discount and multiple class discounts. Also ask about our Kiddie Package and Dance Major Package Deals!
After registration & tuition, are there still Recital & Costume Fees?
MJDA do not charge recital fees.
Our Costume Fees are as follows:

  • $60 for Tiny Twinkle Toes Classes
  • $70 for Most Beginner – Intermediate Level Classes
  • $80 for Some Beginner / Intermediate and Most Upper Level Classes

Tuition Cost & Payments

Find answers regarding tuition costs & package deals below!
Monthly Tuition Options:
(Due by the 10th day of each month)

  • 30 minute class – $50
  • 1 Class – $60
  • 2 Classes – $115
  • 3 Classes – $165
  • 4 Classes – $215
  • 5 Classes – Unlimited at $265
MJDA Super Saver Deal: Kiddie Package
Kiddie Package

  • 4 Kiddie Level Classes = $150
MJDA Super Saver Deal: Dance Major

MJDA Dance Major

  • 4 Major Specific Classes = $160
MJDA Super Saver Unlimited Class Deal
MJDA Super Saver Unlimited Class Deal

  • Unlimited Class Package = $265
Tuition Payments
Payment methods accepted:

  • Cash / Check / Money Order
  • Credit Card
  • Parent Portal (PayPal)
  • Cash App ($MJDADANCE)

Our Classes

MJDA has a reputation of excellence. Correct technique and terminology to be taught at every level. There are SO many life skills that can be learned through dance. Our teachers focus on more than just the physical.

Monday Schedule

August 1, 2021 - May 30, 2022

Kiddie Tapperz5:00PM-6:00PMTabitha Thiele
Razzle Dazzle Jazzers A5:00PM-6:00PMShannon Chapman
Company Ballet B5:00PM-6:30PMEllaCait Downs
Company Ballet C 5:00PM-6:30PMAnneke De Jong
Jazz 16:00PM7:00PMCierrah Archie
Kiddie Hip-Hop (A)5:00PM-6:00PMSable Jackson
Lyrical 1 6:00PM-7:00PM Kaitlin Culler
Ballet for Pointe Dancers6:30PM-8:00PM Anneke De Jong
Advanced Rhythmic Tap7:00PM-8:00PMTabitha Thiele
Company Ballet A7:00PM-8:00PMShannon Chapman
Lyrical / Contemporary 27:00PM-8:00PMKaitlin Culler

Tuesday Schedule

August 1, 2021 - May 30, 2022

Company Jazz Technique (Beginner)5:30PM-6:30PMQuinn Brown
Elite Company Jazz Technique5:30PM-6:30PMMichael McManus
Intermediate Company Jazz Technique5:00PM-6:30PMJocelyn Ramirez
Kiddie Ballet (A)5:30PM-6:30PMNaja Copeland
Jazz 15:30PM-6:30PMJordan Rice
Company Rehearsal6:30PM-8:00PMMichael McManus
Elite Company Rehearsal6:30PM-8:00PMJocelyn Ramirez
Intermediate Company Rehearsal6:30PM-8:00PMQuinn Brown
Musical Theater 16:30PM-7:30PMJordan Rice
Company Ballet A6:30PM-7:30PMNaja Copeland

Wednesday Schedule

August 1, 2021 - May 30, 2022

Ballet 1 A5:00PM-6:00PMShannon Chapman
Elite Conditioning / Technique5:00PM-6:30PMMichael McManus
Mini Company Rehearsal5:00PM-6:00PMStephanie Jenkins
Tap Essentials5:00PM-6:00PMTabitha Thiele
Ballet 1 B6:00PM-7:00PMKaitlin Culler
Ballet 36:00PM-7:00PMShannon Chapman
Intermediate Conditioning / Technique6:00PM-7:00PMJocelyn Ramirez
Petite Conditioning / Technique6:00PM-7:00PMTabitha Thiele
Elite Lyrical / Contemporary6:30PM-9:00PMMichael McManus
Petite Company Rehearsal7:00PM-8:00PMTabitha Thiele
Intermediate Lyrical / Contemporary7:00PM-8:00PMJocelyn Ramirez
Jazz 27:00PM-8:00PMShannon Chapman

Thursday Schedule

August 1, 2021 - May 30, 2022

Acro / Tumbling 1015:00PM-6:00PMJa'Kiya Willingham
Ballet 25:00PM-6:00PMQuinn Brown
Kiddie Hip-Hop (B)5:00PM-6:00PMSable Jackson
Tiny Twinkle Toes (A)5:00PM-5:30PMNaja Copeland
Tiny Twinkle Toes (B)5:30PM-6:00PMNaja Copeland
Hip Hop 1 A (Beginner Level)6:00PM-7:00PMCierrah Archie
Kiddie Ballet (B)6:00PM-7:00PMNaja Copeland
Mini Level Tumblerz (Intermediate - Adv)6:00PM-7:00PMJa'Kiya Willingham
Dance Conditioning7:00PM-8:00PMTabitha Thiele
Hip Hop 1 B (Intermediate)7:00PM-8:00PMCierrah Archie

Friday Schedule

August 1, 2021 - May 30, 2022

Hip Hop 26:00PM-7:00PMJocelyn Ramirez
Hip Hop 36:00PM-7:00PMMichael McManus
Mini / Petite Company Lyrical6:00PM-7:00PMJordan Rice

Our Events

MJDA events for 2022/2023


August Schedule

August 5-6Open House (For New to MJDA ONLY)
August 8-12Week #1 of Classes
August 15Tuition Due for month #1

September Schedule

September 5Labor Day - NO CLASSES
September 10Tuition Due

October Schedule

October 10Tuition Due Date
October 10-14Pink Out Spirit Week
October 29MJDA Fall Festival (TRUNK OR TREAT)
October 31Halloween

November Schedule

November 10Tuition Due Date
November 11Veterans Day
November 21-25Fall / Thanksgiving Break (NO CLASSES)

December Schedule

December 10Tuition Due Date
December 16Winter Showcase (TBD)
December 19-30Christmas Break

January Schedule

January 1New Year's Day
January 1Week #1 of Spring-mester
January 10Tuition Due Date
January 13Spring Recital Costume Fee Due
January 16Martin Luther King Jr. Day (NO CLASSES)

February Schedule

February 10Tuition Due Date
February 14Valentines Day

March Schedule

March 10Tuition Due Date
March 12Daylight Saving
March 17St. Patrick's Day

April Schedule

April 10Tuition Due Date
April 10-14Spring Break (NO CLASSES)
April 16Easter Sunday

May Schedule

May 7Mother's Day
May 10Tuition Due Date
May 13Spring Recital Rehearsal at Columbia High
May 14Spring Recital at Koger Center
May 22-26Last Week of Classes / FUN WEEK!
May 27MJDA Dance Company Auditions

June Schedule

June 5First Week of Summer Set
June 19Juneteenth
June 18Father's Day

2023-2024 Class Registration

Fall registration is now open!

Fall 2023 -2024 Registration is OPEN NOW!


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