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Front and Center

Showing 2022

We have Officially Granted Access on our journey to competition, Season Seven

MJDA Guarantees To Provide Top Notch Service and Dance Training!

Mrs. Jenkins Dance Academy program is designed to help young people see themselves in a more positive light, develop poise, grace, and self-confidence.

Our Classes

MJDA has a reputation of excellence. Correct technique and terminology to be taught at every level. There are SO many life skills that can be learned through dance. Our teachers focus on more than just the physical.

Monday Schedule

August 1, 2021 - May 30, 2022

Kiddie Tapperz5:00PM-6:00PMTabitha Thiele
Razzle Dazzle Jazzers A5:00PM-6:00PMShannon Chapman
Company Ballet B5:00PM-6:30PMEllaCait Downs
Company Ballet C 5:00PM-6:30PMAnneke De Jong
Jazz 16:00PM7:00PMCierrah Archie
Kiddie Hip-Hop (A)5:00PM-6:00PMSable Jackson
Lyrical 1 6:00PM-7:00PM Kaitlin Culler
Ballet for Pointe Dancers6:30PM-8:00PM Anneke De Jong
Advanced Rhythmic Tap7:00PM-8:00PMTabitha Thiele
Company Ballet A7:00PM-8:00PMShannon Chapman
Lyrical / Contemporary 27:00PM-8:00PMKaitlin Culler

Tuesday Schedule

August 1, 2021 - May 30, 2022

Company Jazz Technique (Beginner)5:30PM-6:30PMQuinn Brown
Elite Company Jazz Technique5:30PM-6:30PMMichael McManus
Intermediate Company Jazz Technique5:00PM-6:30PMJocelyn Ramirez
Kiddie Ballet (A)5:30PM-6:30PMNaja Copeland
Jazz 15:30PM-6:30PMJordan Rice
Company Rehearsal6:30PM-8:00PMMichael McManus
Elite Company Rehearsal6:30PM-8:00PMJocelyn Ramirez
Intermediate Company Rehearsal6:30PM-8:00PMQuinn Brown
Musical Theater 16:30PM-7:30PMJordan Rice
Company Ballet A6:30PM-7:30PMNaja Copeland

Wednesday Schedule

August 1, 2021 - May 30, 2022

Ballet 1 A5:00PM-6:00PMShannon Chapman
Elite Conditioning / Technique5:00PM-6:30PMMichael McManus
Mini Company Rehearsal5:00PM-6:00PMStephanie Jenkins
Tap Essentials5:00PM-6:00PMTabitha Thiele
Ballet 1 B6:00PM-7:00PMKaitlin Culler
Ballet 36:00PM-7:00PMShannon Chapman
Intermediate Conditioning / Technique6:00PM-7:00PMJocelyn Ramirez
Petite Conditioning / Technique6:00PM-7:00PMTabitha Thiele
Elite Lyrical / Contemporary6:30PM-9:00PMMichael McManus
Petite Company Rehearsal7:00PM-8:00PMTabitha Thiele
Intermediate Lyrical / Contemporary7:00PM-8:00PMJocelyn Ramirez
Jazz 27:00PM-8:00PMShannon Chapman

Thursday Schedule

August 1, 2021 - May 30, 2022

Acro / Tumbling 1015:00PM-6:00PMJa'Kiya Willingham
Ballet 25:00PM-6:00PMQuinn Brown
Kiddie Hip-Hop (B)5:00PM-6:00PMSable Jackson
Tiny Twinkle Toes (A)5:00PM-5:30PMNaja Copeland
Tiny Twinkle Toes (B)5:30PM-6:00PMNaja Copeland
Hip Hop 1 A (Beginner Level)6:00PM-7:00PMCierrah Archie
Kiddie Ballet (B)6:00PM-7:00PMNaja Copeland
Mini Level Tumblerz (Intermediate - Adv)6:00PM-7:00PMJa'Kiya Willingham
Dance Conditioning7:00PM-8:00PMTabitha Thiele
Hip Hop 1 B (Intermediate)7:00PM-8:00PMCierrah Archie

Friday Schedule

August 1, 2021 - May 30, 2022

Hip Hop 26:00PM-7:00PMJocelyn Ramirez
Hip Hop 36:00PM-7:00PMMichael McManus
Mini / Petite Company Lyrical6:00PM-7:00PMJordan Rice

Our Events

MJDA events for 2022


January Schedule

January 1Week #1 of Spring-mester
January 10Tuition Due Date
January 14Spring Recital Costume Fee Due
January 17Martin Luther King Jr. Day (NO CLASSES)

February Schedule

February 10Tuition Due Date
February 14-18Father Daughter Ballet Week
FebruaryValentines Day

March Schedule

March 10Tuition Due Date
March 13Daylight Saving
March 17St. Patrick's Day

April Schedule

April 10Tuition Due Date
April 11-15Spring Break (NO CLASSES)
April 17Easter Sunday

May Schedule

May 2-6Bring a Friend to Class Week
May 7Dance Company Audition Workshop at 9am
May 8Mother's Day
May 23-27Tuition Due Date
May 23-27Last Week of Classes
May 25106 & Park is BACK! 6pm
May 28Dance Company Auditions #1
May 30Memorial Day

June Schedule

June 6First Week of Summer Set
June 11Dance Company Auditions #2
June 19Juneteenth
June 19Father's Day

Our Program

MJDA’s mission is to provide dancers with a comprehensive artistic education that fosters excellence in all forms of dance.

2021-2022 Class Registration

Fall registration is now open!

Our Instructors

MJDA’s mission is to provide dancers with a comprehensive artistic education that fosters excellence in all forms of dance.

Our Videos

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Fall 2022-2023

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