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Mn-Fr: 4:30pm – 8:30pm


224 Oneil Ct, Columbia, SC 29223

Stephanie J. Jenkins is a graduate of WJ Keenan High School. She attended Columbia College where she received her BA in Dance Education in 2005 and her Masters of Education in 2006. She later enrolled in Lesley University where she completed with Honors and received her Education Specialist Degree (Ed S) in Curriculum and Instruction in 2009. Mrs. Jenkins achieved National Board Certification in 2012. Mrs. Jenkins is currently the Dance Education Specialist at WJ Keenan High School. Throughout her dance career, Mrs. Jenkins has trained under Susan Haigler- Robles, Martha Brim, Patty Graham, Ginny Skinner Haynes, Christian Von Howard, Terrance Henderson, and Gayle Etheridge.

In 2007, Mrs. Jenkins started Miss Jones Dance Academy at North Springs recreational gym then moved it to Love of Dance Studio two years later. In 2014 she moved the dance studio to the Parklane location providing MJDA its first official home. Almost 10 years later, in 2016, Mrs. Jenkins relocated the dance studio to a larger space providing three dance studios and more to the MJDA dance family.